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Prof. Caycedo, a psychiatrist and neurologist, created Sophrology Training in the 1960’s. His aim was to find a way to make his patients healthier, both physically and mentally, as quickly as possible. He is continually updating the knowledge in the field of Sophrology. Although Sophrology is based on the ancient wisdom of the East, it also includes exercises incorporating the latest in quantum physics research from the West. Sophrology training is a series of easy to do exercises that reinforce the physical, mental and spiritual structures of existence. Since Sophrology is based on the study of health, the exercises gradually move us away from being sick towards being more and healthier.

Sophrology exercises are beneficial for:

  •  Managing Stress
  •  Pain relief
  •  Improving sleep
  •  Increasing energy levels
  •  Managing emotions
  •  Improving relationships
  •  Raising self esteem and self confidence
  •  Preparing for surgical intervention & medical treatments
  •  Preparing for childbirth
  •  Preparation for any stressful event...

  • In short, whatever the problem or worry, Sophrology exercises can assist you in taking control and living your life the way you would like to live it.

    Individual sessions are ideal for clients for working on specific personal issues and results are quickly achieved in 10 sessions. For a more general programme of inner strength, health and well-being, the classes are also extremely beneficial to the participants. Many people are satisfied with the improved health and well-being from the basic Sophrology programme. However, by continuing onto the advanced levels, the exercises lead to full awareness of who we are, why we are here and there are often moments of complete integration with the universe – ‘being in the NOW’.

    With inner strength and a healthy mind, body and spirit, everyday life becomes a pleasure, an adventure and we experience immense joy and happiness in just being alive.