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Qualified Sophrologist from the Rennes Institute of Sophrology, I have worked in the medical and healing field since 1987, organizing workshops and seminars on sound therapy and Tibetan Yoga all around the world.

Working with groups, I use crystal singing bowls and sound meditation to bring beneficial healing and calming effects to the cerebral and vascular system.

Student of Lama Gangchen Rinpoche since 1983, I studied under his guidance the Ngalso self-healing system and the Ngalso Tulkor Tibetan yoga.

Certified practitioner of the energetic healing system of Ngalso Chagwang Reiki, a Tibetan energy therapy system created by Lama Gangchen Rinpoche, I practice this healing and relaxing method with success.

Member of Seramey Buddhist University since 1988, I studied Buddhism under the guidance of Tibetan masters until today.

I invite you to discover more information from this site that might be of interest to, or even help, you and if you feel like it to contact me.

Yannick LE FEVRE